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Are you ready to golf ?

Spring is here and golf season is just around the corner! Whether you are an avid golfer or a beginner people are always looking for ways to improve their game. Some try to play more games than they did the year before, take lessons from a pro or buy new clubs. Another way to improve your performance is to try a golf conditioning program that includes exercises from the following categories: balance, body awareness, stability, coordination, power and stability.

Twisting from the torso while maintaining balance is tough for most people. That weakness costs the strength and power on the golf course. In fact the weakest part of a golfers body is the part they need the most… the core. You can’t make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound without strong muscles in your stomach, butt, hips and low back.

At the Next Step we have developed a golf conditioning program that will help your drive the ball further and prevent injury. Nows the time to start to ensure a stronger and maybe a less frustrating season.

For more information please email Brandi Venne

May 8th, 2018

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Are you interested in trying something new?

Our Try-A-Tri program is a great place to start. It offers opportunities for everyone in swimming, biking, and running/walking. Here you will find a fun,relaxed and informal group of individuals all with the goal to develop a more healthy and active lifestyle.

The clinic is geared towards The North Bay Triathlon Try-A-Tri Event On July 3rd. The distances for each event are : swim 300m, bike 10km, and run 2km.
8 week program – 3 days a week with certified coaches Brandi Venne and Janet Davidson.  Session days are : Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-7pm at the Next Step and Saturdays at 4:30pm at the YMCA for the swim.

Early bird registation before April 22nd $265 and registration after April 15th $275.
To Register please email


April 20th, 2017

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