Owner / Personal Trainer

If you’ve got a passion for something, do it! That’s what I did. In November 2010, I made the transition and I started working as a Personal Trainer here at The Next Step. Almost 10 years later, in March 2020, I took over the gym and I can happily say that I am living my dream. I am even more passionate about training now than I was when I first started. I believe that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. The focus of fitness shouldn’t be about being thin and having a desirable figure. You can be thin and be unhealthy too. Fitness should be about feeling energized, having a healthy heart, strong muscles and bones, flexible joints and powerful lungs. It’s about helping to control blood pressure, lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain, reducing stress and is a huge release for those who suffer from any type mental illness among other benefits. A happy life is important too. You don’t have to deprive yourself from the foods you love, or that second glass of wine to be fit and healthy. Instead, enjoy them in moderation, and learn to balance fitness with fun. It doesn’t take long to know what matters most to you, that piece of cake or having to do 50 burpees to burn it off. You have choices, and you don’t know how much better you really can feel until you feel more amazing than you do now, and that’s where we as trainers come in. For me, I’d have to say what I like most about being a trainer isn’t what I thought it was going to be. The most rewarding part is the connections you make with your clients. They become friends and some even feel like family, and what better way than to help a friend live a healthy life for a living? It really doesn’t get any better than that!


Personal Trainer

Work experience related to fitness:  Most of my experience within the fitness field has been geared towards a different target market. I have worked with young athletes helping them improve their strength and power for their specific sports to working with 70+ year old clients focused on functional training and mobility. I am eager to use my knowledge and passion for fitness to help my clients not only reach but surpass their fitness goals! What you can expect: With so many fads and trends within the field of fitness I like to keep things simple and focus on these very important aspects which include building strength, improving mobility/flexibility and increasing the overall conditioning of my clients. Personal Information: I was born in Stratford, Ontario and moved to North Bay in 2014. I’ve been involved with fitness and sports most of my life. I enjoy watching/playing most sports, cooking and I love dogs. I have my diploma in Strength and Sport Conditioning and I am also a fully certified NCCP Club Coach in Weightlifting.

Aaron Ayers

Personal Trainer

My name is Aaron. I started working out 14 years ago for body building purposes in hopes of building muscle and putting on size due to my tall and lanky stature. Later I changed my focus to athletic ability and functional fitness while incorporating some Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting into my routine. As I am getting older, I also started to introduce more rehab/prehab into my routine to help keep me injury free while I continue to train. My interest in fitness is what made me decide to get my Sports Conditioning Diploma from Canadore College and with that came many training opportunities. I helped train the soccer and track and field teams at West Ferris High School while also providing some of their athletes with one on one training and assist with various gym classes. I have trained people of all ages and will cater the workouts to your specific goals/needs to help you reach your goals and life a more fulfilled lifestyle.

Ian Haynes

Personal Trainer

My name is Ian, I have been working at The Next Step since 2023 and I am one of the trainers/coaches at the gym. I have a deep-rooted background in powerlifting. Hailing from the world of strength and conditioning, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every training session and I am geared towards helping you reach your goals in a safe and effective way. I am certified by the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT). I am very committed to continuous learning and professional development to ensure that I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the fitness industry. I am also currently taking a professional body building trainer’s course. I’m very passionate about things like my faith as a Christian, powerlifting, the outdoors, reading and team sports such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball and hockey.