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If you’ve got a passion for something, do it! That’s what I did. In November 2010, I made the transition and I started working as a Personal Trainer here at The Next Step. Almost 10 years later, in March 2020, I took over the gym and I can happily say that I am living my dream. I am even more passionate about training now than I was when I first started. I believe that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life. The focus of fitness shouldn’t be about being thin and having a desirable figure. You can be thin and be unhealthy too. Fitness should be about feeling energized, having a healthy heart, strong muscles and bones, flexible joints and powerful lungs. It’s about helping to control blood pressure, lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis pain, reducing stress and is a huge release for those who suffer from any type mental illness among other benefits. A happy life is important too. You don’t have to deprive yourself from the foods you love, or that second glass of wine to be fit and healthy. Instead, enjoy them in moderation, and learn to balance fitness with fun. It doesn’t take long to know what matters most to you, that piece of cake or having to do 50 burpees to burn it off. You have choices, and you don’t know how much better you really can feel until you feel more amazing than you do now, and that’s where we as trainers come in. For me, I’d have to say what I like most about being a trainer isn’t what I thought it was going to be. The most rewarding part is the connections you make with your clients. They become friends and some even feel like family, and what better way than to help a friend live a healthy life for a living? It really doesn’t get any better than that!


Personal Trainer

What made you get into the fitness field? I truly enjoy helping others be the best version of themselves they can be.  At the same time, I also have a selfish reason. My clients & students help keep me honest.  They force me to practice what I preach. “The fitness field is where I have always flourished and been the happiest in my life.”

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What makes you different from other trainers (style, techniques, motivation, qualifications/specialty training etc)?  

  • I am a recognized Canadian National Athlete & Coach
  • I have competed  worldwide  for Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • I have produced Junior & Adult Kickboxing & Muay Thai Champions
  • I can work with the recreational athlete to the elite level athlete
  • Along with my elite level training, I can also offer nutritional counseling, workout periodization and supplementation counseling.
  • 1 can work with you 1 on 1 or in a large group
  •  Cross Training for higher level of performance in sports.  Some examples of past athletes I have assisted are  obstacle race athletes (Tough Mudder, Spartan), YMCA Titans & Coach’s, Ringuette Team, Nordic Ski Team, Snowboarders, Hockey Teams, Volleyball Teams, plus, plus, plus


  • I have also initiated several very extremely effective fitness and weight loss programs

What is your favorite type of workout to do personally (cardio, strength, yoga, kettle-bell, spin etc)? Why? My favorite would have to be the combat sports; Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. These sports take all aspects of training; aerobic, anaerobic, strength training, flexibility and nutrition. As well as the mental fortitude that these rigorous sports require. What is something you struggle with most related to staying active and healthy (food, cardio, strength, stretching etc.)? I want to show everyone we are humans and we have to work for it too, they are not alone! When I am getting ready for competitions, I deprive myself of anything unhealthy for extended periods of time as the food I am eating is fuel.  Eating the same things day in and out prior to competition can grate on your sanity and test will power.  After the competition is over and I am  finally able to indulge & rest; the sweets take over!  My Achilles heel would have to be baked goods & chocolat. It’s sometimes very hard to return to training once you’ve tasted freedom. (lol) Most memorable fitness transformation you would like to share My most memorable fitness transformation was going from a 207lbs ”body building enthusiast” to a 155lbs Kickboxer.  I did this inside of 8 months (having my first fight when I met weight). What do you like most about being a Fitness Trainer? Being able to share and pass on my passion for the Martial Arts, fitness, nutrition etc. to those of like mind. What is your favorite inspirational quote? I have two: Train Hard, Fight Easy!




Personal Trainer

I started my personal training career in North Bay and spent time training in the Toronto area as well.   I’m back in North Bay and looking forward to reconnecting with the great people of the community.  I have worked with various types of people from those just trying to get in shape to individuals with special needs along with athletes and celebrities.  I believe that training is an important part of improving your health and well-being. Through my many years of personal training I have learned that everyone is unique and has different goals.  I believe that improving your fitness is simple but it’s important to have a plan and work at the appropriate pace and having a trainer help you is a great way to reach your fitness goals. I am very pleased to be a part of the team at The Next Step.


Personal Trainer

Work experience related to fitness:  Most of my experience within the fitness field has been geared towards a different target market. I have worked with young athletes helping them improve their strength and power for their specific sports. I am eager to use my knowledge and passion for fitness to help my clients not only reach but surpass their fitness goals! What you can expect: With so many fads and trends within the field of fitness I like to keep things simple and focus on these very important aspects which include building strength, improving mobility/flexibility and increasing the overall conditioning of my clients. Personal Information: I am 32 years old from Stratford Ont. I’ve been involved with fitness for over 10 years. I enjoy watching/playing most sports, cooking, and I love dogs. I have my diploma in Strength and Sport Conditioning and I am also a fully certified NCCP Club Coach in Weightlifting.

Carrie Beaver

Personal Trainer

I’ve been weight training since I was 13 years old. I’ve always found that training was a good way to cope with stress and boost confidence. I grew up playing sports as well, so the combination of training and playing sports pushed me to take Strength and Sport Conditioning. Because of how beneficial training has been on me throughout my life, I knew that I would enjoy sharing that passion with others and helping them to achieve both mental and physical goals while building confidence and self-discipline at the same time.

My favourite experience with training has been seeing clients gain confidence and motivation as they progress. I’ve seen first-hand how much it impacts the mental and physical well-being for all age groups as they see how far they’ve come and achieve goals that they might have thought were unattainable. Seeing this motivates me as well to continue to lead a healthy and active lifestyle for myself and not make excuses.

Circuit training and supersets are definitely my favourite kinds of workouts. I like utilizing rest time for one group of muscles to work another group. It keeps your heart rate up too! Plyometrics like box jumps are always something that I like to incorporate as well.

I love the family-style work environment here. It truly is a no-judgement zone, and the clients and my coworkers make this an honestly fun place to be. Clients often know each other by name, and humour is always welcome here!